Anna Agnarsdóttir, professor emeritus of history, University of Iceland. Born in Reykjavík, she attended the University of Sussex, the University of Iceland and the London School of Economics and Political Science, where she defended a PhD thesis on “Great Britain and Iceland 1800-1820”. Her research interests are European and Icelandic history from 1500-1830, including relations between Iceland and the wider world, and the history of trade and exploration. She has written many articles both in Icelandic and foreign journals and edited several books including Voyages and Exploration in the North Atlantic from the Middle Ages to the XVIIth Century, Reykjavík, 2000. Among her most recent works are Sir Joseph Banks, Iceland and the North Atlantic. Journals, Letters and Documents 1772-1820 London, Routledge and the Hakluyt Society, 2016 and the chapter on Iceland in The Cambridge History of Scandinavia, vol. II, Cambridge University Press, 2016.

University of Iceland

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